Home Of The Defenders Of Stormbluff Isle


‘’Premier MMO Gaming Community for MMO Gamers’’

Our community is home to experienced mmo players which anyone can join. Although our current goal is to be the most popular WvW guild in guild wars 2; we are always looking to expand into other games to build and maintain a solid close-knit team which will rule the gaming world.

Our guild offers experienced leadership alongside seasoned & casual players on our roster. Transparency is a major factor of our gaming community, and we consider everyone in the community equals, regardless of rank or role.

A few of our core underlying values are;

  • A thriving community, filled with activity and stability: Everyone has a voice, and using it helps us grow wiser giving us the means and information necessary to improve! Members are encouraged to speak and be involved.
  • Not just another guild, but a friendly community for members to interact on a personal level. We strive to create an environment void of divisive personalities to everyone who walks the path of adventure with us.

A golden quote we believe in: Winning Isn’t Everything–BUT Wanting to Win Is.

The Eternal Guardians Of Stormbluff Isle is owned and operated independently by Hi My Name Is Lee also known as Legendary Lee; a retired veteran pre-hot commander, ex-driver of Night Shift [NS], Enigmas of Elan [EE] & Que Sera Sera [QSS] in Guild Wars 2.
Eternal Guardians Of Stormbluff Isle is regularly updated, and new members are always welcome to join the community of mainly North American & South East Asian gamers.
Join us and see what we have to offer you. There may just be something here for you in the The Eternal Guardians Of Stormbluff Isle.